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Colleen 150 150 RVYS


I have long suffered with weight problems, after my initial consultation with Andrea (Siri Adi Kaur), including iridology, acupuncture, I was recommended plant based / protein diet and herbs as I strive to create a healthier body. The herbs and supplements support my adrenal, lymphatic and immune systems to get my body back to an optimal state. I feel AMAZING, and am starting to see changes in my physical body and energy levels since making these changes to my diet. I now have more energy for my 3 & 4 year old children and LOOK FORWARD to exercise. I highly recommend a visit to Andrea, I trust her knowledge & experience emphatically.

Carol 150 150 RVYS


I can’t recommend highly enough Andrea and her beautiful KY sessions. The yoga room setting is superb; peaceful, light, a comfortable and healing space. And the views are stunning. Before I started with Andrea, yoga was a completely foreign ‘type of exercise’ to me. To my surprise I have found the KY sessions to be beneficial in so many, in fact, all factors of my life. I really love going and feel great. Andrea’s approach is very warm, welcoming, calm and I always feel that I am being looked after. As an unathletic, woman of a certain age, I can say with confidence that anyone can do it and I’m so glad I do!

Colleen 150 150 RVYS


I have been attending Kundalini Classes with Siri Adi Kaur/Andrea since 2013. As a busy mum with two teens, two infants and husband, these classes are “just for me”! The classes satisfy my physical/spiritual body on so many levels, as it is relieved of toxins, my energy rises and my body is becoming healthier and more supple. The Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio is located in “the trees”, a serene environment, which magnifies the experience for me, I love the variety of these classes, no two have ever been the same. I leave these classes in a state of bliss every single time!

Rex 150 150 RVYS


Andrea’s Kundalini yoga classes have been essential for me to manage my chronic back pain, a result of many years of competitive sport. Andrea’s massage therapy has also been a great help, and I have better movement and flexibility now.

Kerry 150 150 RVYS


Andrea has been taking care of my body and soul for 10 years – bless her – she is an angel!

Claire 150 150 RVYS


I highly recommend Andrea’s Kundalini yoga classes at her beautiful studio overlooking the hills and trees of Carmel. She is a very positive and uplifting teacher who encourages and supports her students. Regular yoga practice has helped me to build strength and flexibility, and calm the mind using breathing techniques and meditation.

Sally 150 150 RVYS


Andrea is one of those rare individuals that shines brightly in this world.

She brings love, warmth and light to all those who are blessed to cross her path.