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Kundalini Yoga

Release the physical and emotional blockages that are keeping you from fulfilment in every aspect of your life. Find the mental clarity, energy and love for life so you may attract opportunity and manifest ultimate happiness.

The teachings of Kundalini Yoga deliver the ancient knowledge passed down from Masters of Yoga in India. These teachings were brought to the West in the late 1960’s by the last Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is a science and also a technology. Through the use of breath (pranayam), mantra (sound), and asanas (angles of the body known as postures), this technology awakens your awareness and takes you back to your original Self. It helps you remember who you really are by connecting you with the vastness of the Creative Force from which you came.You are not only working the muscular system, you are healing your organs, clearing your energetic body and bringing clarity and calm to the mind.

Kundalini Yoga takes you to a state of pure, high vibrational consciousness that goes beyond any mind processes. This state is know as Shuniya.

With a combination of physical exercise, pranayam, mantra, meditation and relaxation, not only are you increasing your flexibility, cardiovascular health, lymphatic, digestive, reproductive, nervous system and glandular function. You are energising your body, detoxifying and balancing your entire being.

As a Registered Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Multi Healing Modality practitioner I believe Kundalini is one of the most powerful transformational healing modalities I have come across.

Private classes are recommended if you have a specific area in your life that requires attention and you are self motivated to practise regularly on your own.

You do not need to be super fit or flexible to join a Kundalini Yoga class. There are variations with every exercise.

Public Classes

Monday: 9.30am – 10.30am

Tuesday: 6.45pm – 8.00pm

Saturday: Meditation 8.30am-9.00am

Saturday: 9.15am-10.30am

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