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Women’s Feminine Embodiment Empowerment Training

If you ever feel

Overwhelmed with life
A deep sense of sadness
Difficulty finding clarity, direction or a sense of purpose

This journey is for YOU!

In Australia we live in a patriarchal-dominated society, which creates a lack of connection to our true feminine wisdom, often causing burnout and overwhelm.
Once we engage our innate feminine power we are able to achieve success in every area of our life, with increased balance, joy, and harmony.

Women need to empower themselves.

This allows us to:

• Limiting belief systems
• Self-Criticism
• Fear of judgment
• Co-dependence
• Dysfunctional behavioural patterns
• Emotional overwhelm

• Courage
• Opportunity
• Truth
• Self-Love
• Abundance
• Functional Relationships

NOW is the TIME to
• Acknowledge your power as a woman.
• Embrace the truth that is you.
• Step into your authentic, profound and magnificent self.

We often have a great fear of stepping into our true power.

Past circumstances create a lack of trust and faith not only within self, but toward others.

What you receive
•    Embodiment and understanding of the most powerful archetypes that enable you to live a fulfilled and abundant life.
•    A copy of my book Awaken to Transformation

This 6-month journey will ignite within you the courage and awareness of what it takes to excel as a woman.

The Women’s Feminine Embodiment Empowerment Training

Calling all Women desiring TRANSFORMATION.

A life that upon waking each morning, they can’t wait to embrace the day with ‘joy de vivre’.
If the little voice inside your head is saying “is this possible for me” the answer is a resounding YES.
Right now is the right time for you to become all that you can be.

You will be guided in your journey to discover:

  • A Deep Understanding of Yourself
  • Loving Connections with others
  • Your Best Way Forward
  • Happiness, Success and Fulfillment

Facilitator Andrea Gabriel is a registered Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Herbalist, Iridologist, Multi-modality therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Self-Empowerment Life Coach and Author of the book ‘Awaken to Transformation.’

Her passion is to uplift and educate people to know, nurture and heal themselves.  To help them develop the courage to let go of whatever does not serve them, to embrace their truth and power as a woman and fulfill the their highest potential.

She has been a practitioner for 27 years and loves to inspire her clients in how to nourish, heal and invigorate their bodies with delicious wholesome food.  Beyond the physical, she expertly teaches women how to clear their mind of limiting belief systems.

Previous participants such as Amanda, Carla and Tracey were ecstatic, thrilled and excited when they overcame obstacles and achieved successes in their lives that they never dreamed possible.

Amanda  was struggling to find a new office building for her business. She had been searching for 2 years. Half way through the course she found and purchased the perfect premises.

Carla was finding it difficult to stand in her power at work and felt her boss was always targeting her in unfair ways. By week 8 she knew exactly how to stand in her soft power and her boss changed instantly.

Tracey desperately wanted to manifest her perfect loving partner. When she developed the skills to transform herself he came into her life and she’s never looked back.

These are women just like you.


We must start with ourselves.
As women, we can develop a relationship with our own intuition, the wisdom and power that comes from within to heal our pain and to break through the blocks to create a joyful and prosperous future.
The world needs you to step into a state of positive self-empowerment with courage, calibre and creativity.
Give yourself this opportunity to take a stand and uplift the consciousness of the planet.