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  • Ph: 0403 189 509

Cathartic Style Breathwork

You will be guided to breathe in a deep, connected breath pattern leading to an altered state of consciousness which allows for the release of built-up stress, the clearing of energetic blocks held in the body/mind system and the processing of deeply held subconscious material.
The aim is to bring about an increased state of self-awareness and personal growth, ultimately creating deep and lasting transformation in your life.
The Breatharian Healing frequencies are scientifically proven techniques that combine the greatest transformational tools of conscious breathing and life force energy. With these techniques, we are not only working with the physical body but also in the psychological mind, emotions and the soul. This is a new energetic healing model drawn from the alchemy of the most powerful breathing techniques on earth, used by ancient civilisation, shamans and enlightened masters.
Breatharian Healing is a blissful connection to a new and ever-expanding energy field of light and possibilities. This is also for everyone, for the healing of humanity and our planet Earth.
Sally Flintoff is a certified breathwork practitioner, passionate about sharing the power of breath to create transformation and healing.
Benefits of Breatharian Healing are:
  • Experience the ultimate detoxification
  • Better Sleep
  • Gain deeper connection and self-love
  • Heal Traumas and remove toxic information from the body cells
  • Boost Physical and Spiritual Energy

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