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Qigong, Breathwork and Sound Healing

Qi Gong: Qi = Life-force Energy Gong = Cultivation or Skill Qi Gong is the Cultivation of Energy, or the skill of applying life-force energy.

Qi Gong is for both health practitioners and everyone interested in maintaining and promoting their optimum health and wellness.

From the perspective of Chinese Energetic Medicine, health is the absence of Qi Stagnation and Qi Deficiency, the free flow of Qi and Blood, and the free and safe expressive flow of emotions (energy in motion).

The three Qi Gong objectives for healing disease:

  1. Purge and eliminate internally accumulated depleting energy/e-motions. Detoxifies Toxic Emotions from the Body and Corrects internal organ dysfunctions
  2. Tonify and increase (or decrease) Qi levels needed to counteract a deficient or excess Qi condition within the internal organs and channels. Balances Deficient or Excess Qi
  3. Regulate and balance the Yin and Yang energy and bring the patient’s body back to inner harmony. Allows us to reclaim control over our lives.

Medical Qigong Therapy is the oldest of the four branches of Chinese Medicine along with:

  • Acupuncture & Moxibustion
  • Herbology and Dietetics
  • Massage therapy and Bone-setting

Medical Qi Gong describes any Qi Gong practice used to promote Health and Healing, and practices prescribed to promote optimal healing and recovery from specific health or disease conditions.

Dynamic Kundalini Breathwork – Raise your Kundalini quickly, heal your body and balance your centres.

Sunday, 21st August

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Investment: $35

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