• Raising Vibrations Studio: 53 Union Rd, Carmel WA 6076

  • Ph: 0403 189 509

Morning Sadhana

Come and join us in the Amrit Vela for a journey to Self-awareness.

 A Q U A R I A N S A D H A N A

We begin with Japji, the song of the soul. Yoga, breath and healing relaxation. Mantra for opening the heart and expanding the consciousness.

 “Getting up for sadhana in the morning is a totally selfish act – for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline, and overall for absolute personal prosperity.” Yogi Bhajan.

There is no set fee for Sadhana. By donation.


Next Morning Sadhana

29th May

      5:00am – 7:30am